2nd Project X Physics Workshop: Antiproton Parallel Session

Jan. 25, 2008, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Video connection will be via ES-NET. Passcode will be:

88pbar (or 887227).

If you are connecting by phone, dial
1.510.883.7860 and use the passcode 88pbar followed by the pound sign.
If prompted for a second passcode, dial the pound sign.

List of Talks:

Keith Gollwitzer, FNALReview of E835
Dan Kaplan, IITReprise of Antiproton Summary Talk from 1st Project X Workshop
Ted Barnes, ORNL/U. Tenn.pbar-p and Charmonium
Paolo Lenisa, FerraraPolarization Physics
Frank Rathmann, JuelichTowards Polarized Antiprotons
Gerry Jackson, Hbar TechnologiesNon-Particle Physics Applications of Antimatter
AllDiscussion of strategic experimental plan and R&D plan
Dan Kaplan, IITPreview/discussion of Antiproton Summary Talk for this workshop

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