This conference brings together high-energy physicists to discuss their latest results and to prepare for future experiments. Our aim is to cover a broad range of physics topics and to encourage all attendees, from graduate students to senior physicists, to actively participate.

Topics covered include:

  • Heavy quark physics at hadron colliders, production, decay and effective theory.
  • CP violation in K and B decays.
  • Precise electroweak tests of the Standard Model and beyond.
  • Hyperon and Hadronic-Neutrino Physics.
  • Future experiments.
  • The Conference program can be found here. Click on titles to see abstracts and the speakers' names to see presentations (where available).

    BEACH 2004 has concluded.
    Watch for the announcement of BEACH 2006, to be held in Lancaster, England July 3 – July 8, 2006.

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